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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today's Most Photographed House in Madison County

It was a tough thing to do, but yes, we've put our beloved house on the market. If you know anyone who wants to live the good life here in Carlton, please direct them to our Realtor extraordinaire, Michael Littleton, at Full Circle Real Estate Group.

I'll miss the windowseats most of all.

In other news, the photography for my book is well under way, and I'm just thrilled with how everything is looking. Luckily for me and STC, one of the most talented photographers in the world, Rinne Allen, happens to live right in Athens, and, even better, despite her recent fame she was available and willing to take on the job of shooting my crazy pickles and preserves. Early indications are that this is going to be an amazingly gorgeous book. So I'm happy about that.