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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bug News

Here's what's going on with the bug these days.

At least 25 percent of her floor movement now is true cross crawling (on hands and knees, tummy off the ground), and the rest is the funny lunging crawl she's been doing for a couple months (she gets up on all fours, then pitches herself forward onto her tummy and pulls herself along and up with her hands). Either way, she's fast enough to get across the dining room and overturn the dogs' water bowl in the time it takes me to change my T-shirt.

Yesterday she pulled herself up from the floor to a full standing position by holding onto Wagner. And then she stood up in her crib.

She usually does not like to be in her play yard paddock thing, and will do everything she can to push out the opening (or she'll complain until we take her out ourselves).

If I start reading or reciting "Wynken, Blynken, and Nod" to her while she's having her prebedtime meal she'll stop eating, look up at me, and laugh her head off.

She opened her first kitchen cupboard the other day, so I guess it's (past) time to move all the dangerous stuff out of the lower ones. She also has an unhealthy obsession with cords, wires, cables, electrical things in general. Also heating vents in the floor.

She's now eating solid foods at least once and sometimes twice a day, all of it made by us except the rice and barley baby cereals. I think I've given her a couple things babies aren't supposed to eat, like a bit of raw peaches, and a wedge of lemon I gave her to keep her from taking everything else off my own plate as I ate supper (she enthusiastically gummed the lemon until almost all the flesh was gone, and suffered no discernable aftereffects). For the first two months, she needed a bath after every meal she made such a mess, but recently she's gotten better about just eating the food and not grabbing for the spoon so much, which makes the prospect of twice-a-day meals less daunting.

Some of what she's eating: asparagus, avocado and guacamole, minted peas, green beans, summer squash with garlic and basil, zucchini, acorn squash, sweet potatoes, stewed prunes with rice cereal, salmon, curried tilapia, gobhi aloo (without the potatoes), plums, and so on. She's liked everything except chicken so far. Whenever I'm making something for us that she'd be able to eat too I just puree some in a mini food processor, push it through a sieve if it has tough skins or seeds or whatever, and freeze the puree in ice-cube trays, like this:

Then I throw the cubes into bags:

When we feed her, we just thaw one or two cubes in the microwave, and if it's too runny we stir in some rice or barley cereal to thicken it up. It's super-easy.

For the last week or so, during the day she hasn't seemed as interested in nursing as in eating from a bottle, so I've been accommodating her while trying to keep the old milk supply up. This may be the start of all-out weaning or it may be temporary.

Suddenly, changing her diaper or her clothes has become the hardest thing I do in the course of a day. She won't lie or sit or stand still for it. I've resorted to putting the changing pad in the middle of the floor just so I at least won't have to worry about her leaping off the table. It still takes all my strength and dexterity to get the job done. I wonder if there's a better way to do these things.

She's sleeping like a champ. Last night she went right to sleep after a briefer-than-normal feeding at 7:30, woke up for another at 4, then slept till 6 and woke up in a great mood (as did we all).

Still no tooth.

I think she knows what "No" means (takes Wagner's tail out of her mouth), but doesn't care (puts it back in).


Deborah said...

How fortunate she and your husband are to have such hands preparing their meals!

All of my children had food allergies. Just the mention of barley makes me remember the projectile vomiting my middle son did when I first gave him some. It might be helpful to take notice of any food you give her to check her reaction (attitude, tummy, stools, rash) etc.

Courtney said...

Wow, your instant baby food is a brilliant idea. I'm actually tempted to raid your icebox myself!