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Friday, December 08, 2006

Cold Snap

It's in the mid-teens here this morning—okay, fine: 14.9 degrees; I'm a nerd and I have thermometers—which makes the package I received from the amazingly talented Heidi in Michigan, who is certainly the most generous and thoughtful person I've never met, all the more welcome. She sent an oversized hank of hand-dyed Briar Rose Fibers Fourth of July (100% merino)—I'm not sure what the colorway is, but it's deep, rich reds and rusts, and this picture doesn't capture it very well at all. The bug needs a good warm wool sweater, so I'm going to start working on that right away, copyediting be damned.

Also in the package were these two pretty sachets of fragrant lavender to put in with clothes or linens in the dryer, and some tonal, peppermint-scented lip balm.

For Thalia the bug, there was a super-soft cotton T-shirt Heidi dyed and embellished with embroidery. Thalls really seems to like the texture of the embroidery nubbins, and I think the bright periwinkle (much cheerier than in this picture; I don't know why I can't get colors right with this camera today) will look beautiful on her.

And finally, just in time for wintry weekend breakfasts, Michigan maple syrup! In the absence of pann haas, I think I'll splurge on some good bacon, and make pancakes and/or waffles.

And now I need to see about fixing these drafty windows, or at least moving farther away from them, because it's only 53.1 degrees in this kitchen.


heidi said...

Forgot to mention...wash that T-shirt once or twice by itself just in case!

I'm glad these things reached you so quickly and I hope you will enjoy them. Thanks again for your cookbooks!

Deborah said...

first of all, why is it colder down south than here in Jersey? I've been b^%$#ing about the cold weather that just blew in here like out of the blue - 29 degrees today, and so now I don't feel so bad.

The Briar Rose, girl, that stuff is like butta. I bought a bunch in Rhinebeck and made a poncho and some fetching mitts. I truly love them. Enjoy yours!

Mary said...

Something about the light in the maple syrup (or "syrple;" been listening to too much Roger Miller lately) makes that photo look especially wintry! Very nice! Tommy has been sick and now I am; but I hope to see you gals soon. xo

Mary Jessica said...

Um, that was me, Mary Jessica, not just plain ole Mary. Don't quite understand why it registered that way. Anyway, see you soon!