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Friday, February 16, 2007


It's always nice to send off a bunch of work, whether you're freelance or not. I've taken several days off since I finished two of the three jobs I've been working on lately, and was able to finally finish the larger knit bonnet for the bug—I figured she might need it where we're going tomorrow: New York City!

Note the new, larger, more powerful radio collar on Wagnerford. It works, but I had to put up still more traditional fencing (so, okay, maybe it doesn't work so well).

I also got her some fleece-lined jeans and a pair of little shoes for the trip north, and I'm trying to finish up a second pair of Fetching mittens for myself in time to wear them this weekend (the first pair got lost on our last plane trip); these are in dark chocolate brown. Mr. Chalmers went up to the city ahead of us, and if all went well (telephonic communication between Carlton and Manhattan has not been the greatest) he saw the Arcade Fire show last night.

Overall I'm looking forward to being back in New York for a few days, seeing a couple friends for Sunday brunch in Brooklyn, going nuts in the Garment District, and maybe having a nice dinner someplace cramped and crowded (Lupa?) with Mr. Chalmers while the bug plays with her grandma and two dogs in the suburbs. Still, I'm prepared for much of it to be tiring and in no small part annoying. There was a New York couple on House Hunters last night, and as horrifying as they were I couldn't stop watching: this blinking, unhappy man and his sneering fiancée were looking for a loft space and it had to be within a ten-block radius of where they already lived, on Gramercy Park (because they liked the "energy" of the neighborhood and also wanted to be "close to work, yoga, and the gym"), it had to have two full bathrooms ("for the sake of their relationship"), it had to be large enough for their two very large dogs (they're thoughtful dog owners), and they had to close the deal on it before their wedding in Tuscany two months hence (cue blinking). They "couldn't imagine" living anywhere else. For maybe four or five years I couldn't imagine it either, but once I realized I could live somewhere besides New York, the whole mystique of the place crumbled and a cinderblock ranch house with a carport and a yard in Florida started to look like just one of many possible versions of heaven on earth. Our kitchen here in Georgia is another:

For my mom, a picture showing the two top teeth. She now has two on the bottom, too!


Mary Jessica said...

Look at her big blue eyes! So precious!!!

Heidi said...

Even though about 75% of my friends live there now, I feel like NY is overrated. There, I said it. I'm still cool even though I live in Kalamazoo.

But hey, it's fun to visit! So I hope you all have a great time.

Deborah said...

don't forget lots of warm clothes, it's damn cold here. Don't forget to check out the exhibit going on now at the Museum of Art and Design

Have fun! Oh and check out my favorite restaurant, Jezebel's on 45 and 9th. It has great eclectic ambiance. Great food and people watching - lots of theatre celebs.