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Monday, July 09, 2007

The Best Lunch Ever

I took the bug down Sorrow Patterson Road near Colbert this afternoon (can you name a more Southern-sounding road?), following a sign on the main road for tomatoes and fresh corn, and we came to this sort of family farm at the end of a winding lane, where they had tables loaded up with sweet corn and tomatoes and crookneck squash underneath an enormous shade tree. The bug fell in love with a deep-red Golden Retriever named Sam. The tomatoes are the best I've had in years, as is the corn. I asked what variety the corn is, but of course I couldn't understand a word of the response other than "Jack" (maybe) and "bicolor" (which is obvious from the context anyway). A dozen ears and two pounds of tomatoes cost four dollars:

I put a big pot of water to boil as soon as we got home, then sat out in the backyard and shucked, and the bug carried one ear around trying to take bites of it. It was a fine lunch, and if you're wondering about the lack of meat, note that for breakfast I had leftover leg of lamb that we'd spit-roasted on Saturday:

I boned a whole leg, and we stuffed whole cloves of garlic, rosemary, and oregano inside, wrapped it up and tied it (I figured it was worth finally learning how to tie a roast the proper way, and it's actually really simple and I don't know why I'd neglected to learn that all these years), rubbed it with olive oil, salt, and more herbs, and rotisseried it for maybe four or five hours. It was great with a simple yogurt and cucumber sauce, pitas, and green beans sautéed with fried onions and garlic and jalapeños.

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