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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Water Bug

I watered the asparagus for the first time since, well, since the bug learned how to walk and it became more of a chore to go out there while she got into trouble in falling-down outbuildings. By now, though, she's realized it's way more fun to stay close to Mummy and, more important, the hose.


Carrie said...

She totally looks like you in that bottom picture. :)

heidi said...

Maeve has that tank top too. Right now our sprinkler is confined to the chicken-wire-fenced garden, but at some point it will be freed for toddler enjoyment. Looks like tons of fun!

clare said...

let's play soon...when are you free? soo sad to miss movie/party night..i crashed with tiredness and went to the in-laws..looks like it was fun though! love the food photos from your trip!