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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Le française

So we Googled "mes vacances"—I think it was to see if you use the plural possessive mes—and came across these funny little videos from Gorseville. The bug was already in bed, but we watched them all without her, charmed by the theme music and the sweet voices. This morning I played one for the bug and her reaction was the same as ours: "Again! Again! Again!" Who needs Muzzy?


clare said...

i so want an icecream maker now! both the lemon and the blackberry look amazing!! miss you....we have been crazy with company...what does your week look like...o wait, is this the week you are in asheville? that is actually where we are thinking of moving there in the new year so josh can firefight...he is leaving tree work...he's sad about it...but not really...he feels like he will risk life and limb to save a person just not trees anymore...
anywho...i am sad about the prospect of moving but i feel like life is just full of it will be me soon clare

Anonymous said...

Hello there. I googled Gorseville just a minute ago, which I do every so often and was pleased to hear that you liked my videos...

I like pie and beer too. Beef and Guiness Pie is my favourite, washed down, of coures, by Guiness!

Best wishes
Stuart (Gorse)