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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ten Kitchen Things I Like

A set of pictures over on Flickr, which I've been using lately as a sort of comfortable medium between blog (too hard) and Twitter (too easy).


Erin said...

I had your blog bookmarked on my old computer and just found it again. Nice to see you are still posting pictures to Flickr.

richard said...

Bought your Secrets of Slow Cooking book. Wonder recipes and very funny, sly sense of humor. Rare in a cookbook! Can't seem to find an oval, 4 quart slow cooker to use. Can you suggest one? Which one do you use?

Liana said...

Thank you so much, Richard—that's very nice to hear! My slow cooker is a Rival Crock-Pot, model 3040-BC: I had about a half dozen different cookers as I was working on the book, but this is the one I kept.

I think most of those recipes will be just fine in a 6-quart, or a round one (though ribs and things like that fit better in an oval).

richard said...

I checked the model out and it appears to be a round one; is that right? Btw, i tried your beef rendang tonight. Excellent, although a little bit heavy on the tamarind for me. I'm going to try halving the amount next time and see what happens. If you are ever in Flushing, try Sentosa (718-886-6331, a Malaysian restaurant that does a good job with that dish.

Liana said...

Sorry—it's this one:

It's an oval 4-quart.

I wouldn't be surprised if I went heavy on the tamarind—I tend to like things a bit on the sour side. And thanks for the tip about the place in Flushing. The next time we're back in the city I'll try to head out the 7 line to check it out. Don't get much Malaysian food in Georgia, and I miss it.

Richard said...

Liana: I'm sorry to be a pain about this, but your response didn't give a style number or anything i could use to find the cooker you mention. Here's what appeared as your response:

Sorry—it's this one:

When i went to the website i couldn't find anything corrresponding to this. do you have a model # you could give me?

Liana said...

I'm sorry the link didn't work for you. The 4-quart oval Crock-Pot is model #SCV401-BS according to the website.