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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dark and Rainy Day Salad

Despite D.'s ribbing about how long it was taking us to make this, T. and I enjoyed a lovely simple spring salad for lunch today. These are eggs from Clare's chickens (we left our hens with the old house's new owner in Carlton), and tender, sweet lettuce from her garden, all of it so generously delivered straight to our doorstep. So basically this is a salad from Clare. Thank you!

While the eggs were taking an eternity to medium-soft-cook, we made your basic vinaigrette: rubbed the bowl with cut garlic, then whisked minced shallot, Dijon mustard, sherry vinegar, and salt and pepper; drizzled in olive oil, whisking. Added some slivers of chewy sun-dried tomatoes (no lardons here, sorry to say, but these added a similar texture) to soak up a bit of dressing. Then at the last minute—at last!—we tossed in the lettuces, peeled and quartered the eggs, and flaked some canned tuna over the top (this was albacore in water, but you know what would've been much better is light in olive oil—salty and delicious, and not at all resembling cardboard). More black pepper, and an extra drizzle of tangy dressing.


Mindy Wilson said...

Thanks for this, Liana! Have made it a couple of times, though with variations based on what I had on hand: addition of kalamatas or capers, parsley, etc. Keep the blog posts coming...

Liana Krissoff said...

Thanks, Mindy. I really wanted olives in this, but I couldn't find them! Not couldn't find them in the store but couldn't find them in my still-unfamiliar pantry.

Will try to keep posting little easy jumping-off-point recipes like the last few.

Anne Stesney said...

I never thought of substituting one texture in place of another. I love that idea and think sun dried tomatoes in place of lardons is brilliant.

Love your lunches for T. Walt goes to preschool in the fall and I'm very inspired.

Liana Krissoff said...

Anne: Thank you! I'm slowly working through a giant Costco bag of sun-dried tomatoes my parents gave me—I think it was for Xmas two years ago? Jesus.

Hooray for preschool!