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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some Lunchbox Inspiration

I just noticed that Hugh Acheson's new place in the ATL, Empire State South, seems to have opened, and the menus are up online. It all looks intriguing, but I'm especially delighted by the tiffin box lunches: you pay a deposit for the tiffin, take your lunch to work or wherever, and then return the tiffin. The meals themselves sound great, and I'm definitely going to steal many of those down-home ideas for T.'s lunches. (I also love the little half-cup canning jar of what looks like a yogurt of some sort in the second picture.)

I'm glad this came along, because today's box lunch for T. would appear to be the work of an insane person: a couple pieces of leftover sushi from her supper last night (I was getting some sliced turkey in the deli at Kroger; she spied the premade sushi and insisted on that for her meal), a turkey sandwich, and about a pound of grapes.

As a side note, I'm wondering where the restaurant got its supply of tiffins. I'd love one (or two), but retail is pricey! Anybody know of a good source for those?


margie said...

I think I'm going to bookmark that site just for lunch ideas - thanks! The hard thing for me with a tiffin would be making lunches that were cold/room temperature, as I usually eat hot lunches - typically leftovers from dinner.

Please post, either here or on my blog, if you do find a good source for a tiffin, though, because I've always wanted one! I'll ask at my local Indian food shop, too.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I bought my tiffin from the Pearl River website. They call them Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes.

Those tiffin box lunches certainly are inspiring. I'd love a taste of the Crookneck Squash and Buttermilk Gazpacho.


Heidi said...

They are common here too, although not in the mall-ified suburban stores we have usually visited. Whenever the weather cools down there are several open air souks I want to visit. If you're still looking in October, let me know!

becka said...

I saw the tiffin boxes recently at World Market.

Anne Stesney said...

Actually, T's lunch sounded pretty good to me! If it makes you feel any better, we went to a picnic on Sunday and my 3-year-old consumed a sleeve of Ritz crackers for his lunch.

I love those lunches and tiffins. What a great idea. I def want to try this place when I'm in Atlanta this Oct.

Liana Krissoff said...

Thanks, Denise and Becka. I'd seen the ones at Pearl River; I don't think those are water-tight, though, and while that would be fine for a calm and mature adult I'm not sure it would work for my four-year-old. Heidi, I cannot wait to hear about the open-air souks! Post early and often about those.

Margie, there are some tiffins on the Pearl River website that seem to be insulated, and I have seen sort of insulated "sleeves" for regular tiffins. While they may not be microwavable, maybe food would stay warm enough?

Meanwhile, I just got this in my inbox:

Love that $100 avian-themed tiffin, but yow. It's still just a lunch box, people!

Anne: I'm impressed with your child's restraint. I can easily eat three of those stacks in a sitting. Have a great time in the ATL next month!

Anonymous said...

Love the lunch photos! Very inspiring. I'm always getting bored with standard lunch fair and it looks like you've been doing a lot of whole foods and keeping it interesting and healthy! Do you eat those lunches too? I think the Bento style lunches are really cute, but they always look like such a tiny amount of food! I've never had that type of lunch but am guessing that it is filling with the right proportion of protein in the meal?