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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cookie Reviews: Week 2

Heidi and Maeve's Operation Eat All the Cookies continued this week with some real lovelies, including a hazelnut chocolate wafer cookie made in Italy that sounded so up my alley (despite Maeve's description of it as being "sort of made out of oil") that when I saw the very same ones at the local "gourmet" store today I picked up the box to try them myself. Indeed they were tasty and rich, and appropriately small.

Thalia's surprisingly subdued choice this week are Natural Nectar Cocoa Lady Fingers, made in France. This is the same brand, I see now, as last week's Choco Dream Cookies.

Thalia's review: its swet and shugry! [Ed note: I'm struggling with the urge to copyedit. Thalia is actually learning editing and proofreading marks in her class at school, so I might begin doing some gentle corrections in future reviews, see how she reacts. I don't want to discourage her from writing, of course, but I think she's ready for it.] 

My review: These are narrower and less flat than store-bought ladyfingers I've had in the past, and a little more dense and uniform in texture, though still very light. The cocoa aspect, as you might expect, is very mild. They'd be good in a dessert in which they're soaked, but for straight eating I think I'd prefer the plain vanilla type, just for the purity of its sugar flavor.

Continuing with the oats theme from last week, my choice was Gille Sweet Oat Crisps, made in Sweden.

Thalia's review: ther crisp and fin.thar fary fary gud.thar kindof braln on the egis.

My review: Love these. Crisp-crunchy, airy but substantial, with simple and comforting oat and browned-butter flavors. There's also a slight baking soda flavor that is not unpleasant. They're sweet, almost caramelly, and I'd like to try one with some good blue cheese or a sharp Cheddar. I had mine with white wine after supper, but tea in the afternoon would be even better.

Please feel free to join in the cookie-reviewing fun. Heidi suggests using #cookiereview or just let us know if you're doing reviews in the comments so we can link up. 

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Heidi said...

Those both sound very tasty, especially the oat ones. I like browned butter a lot.