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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lazy Days of Sewing

While the bug plays and naps, alternately, on her mat on the floor next to me, I sew stuff and play with the bug, alternately.

The mat I made has only two layers of batting in it, so I put a sleeping bag down underneath it for extra padding. Her beloved whisk is in the background; I attached a bell to the handle for extra noise.

This is the blouse I made after an unsuccessful clothes-shopping day in Athens; it's too large but very comfortable because of it. The trim is woven, the body is a thin knit. I'm not entirely happy with the band at the bottom (it needs to be interfaced with good knit fusible, which I don't have).

Finally made some throw pillows. Just got some solid brown cotton and two very light pinks and made stripes, like a candy box, to match the walls and the mantel. The pillow covers button in back.

Speaking of the play mat, the dogs have taken to it too. Sometimes the bug'll be playing on it and they'll both plop down on either side of her. Cooper is especially fond of her: he'll very gently lick her feet (when Wagner licks her he's all manic and sloppy about it), and he'll sniff her head. This evening when he settled in next to her, she was on her back and she kept reaching up above her head to grab his ear, and at one point, because she puts everything she can reach straight into her mouth, she started to gnaw on his leg (I stopped her); he doesn't mind any of it. He sleeps in front of her crib at night to make sure she's safe and sound (also it's right near a particularly powerful a/c vent).

That's Cooplinhauer in the back, and Wagnerford on the right. She looks scared here, but she's probably just thrown off balance by the bulk of her own diaper.

Warning: gratuitous smiling-baby picture coming up.

Here's the bug in the fancy dress her grandma made for her, posing on the funky couch.


Gramma said...

What a cute kid! I'm not biased.

Mary Jessica said...

Your home is beautiful and so is your kid! And I'm mighty impressed with your sewing skillz.

Courtney said...

Love the shirt and pillows! You inspired me to try to dig out my sewing machine. It's almost completely uncovered, and assuming it hasn't rusted solid, I intend to start piecing a sundress I cut out when I lived in California.

I'm not biased, and I agree the bug is adorable.

Anonymous said...

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