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Thursday, August 24, 2006


It looks like we have chanterelles in our yard! Not many, but enough to flash-fry in a little butter, with maybe some thyme, salt, and pepper, if anything at all, and just eat standing in front of the stove while supper cooks.

I found them under pecan trees, next to a wet ditch where there's a lot of moss. If anybody has reason to believe these are not chanterelles, please let me know as soon as possible, because I just now ate some. And if anybody knows how to keep them going (letting a couple get old, then breaking them up to distribute the spores—does this work?), I'd love some tips.


Courtney said...

Uh, are you okay? I hope so! I can teach you how to grow your own shitakes if you like, but it takes a long time for fruit--a year.

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Tamara said...

You are sooooo lucky! I really envy you for these mushrooms. I was always hoping that you could grow them like Portobellos but was told that they grow symbiotically with a tree. So your pecan tree is obviously the one!