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Thursday, August 31, 2006

More Quilts!

The bug's grandma and her aunt Elizabeth made the most beautiful, fun quilt for her, and I wanted to show it around. It's really pieced and quilted, with very intricate and neat appliqué pictures. I especially like the car made out of flowery pink calico, covering all the gendered bases.

And here's a detail of the little stuffed dog tucked into his dog bed. The bug likes to gum it.

Meanwhile, my mom sent me the quilt that she made for me when I was a baby. I recognized the yellow daisy print—I think they might have been bed sheets at one time too.

And here it is in action.

My kid is so lucky to have grandmothers and aunts who know how to quilt. Maybe they'll teach her one day. For my part, I long ago decided I'd never make a quilt or knit a sock. I may never make my own fillo dough, either. She'll have to turn to others if she wants to do any of those things.

1 comment:

other gramma said...

The dog & the pawprints are perfect. What a wonderful quilt! It's a good story starter. Baby can talk to that quilt.