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Friday, September 08, 2006

I Actually Knit Something

I finally finished a little bonnet for the bug to wear when we go visit grandparents this fall and winter up north. These are the best pictures I could come up with—she just moves too fast. It's DB Baby Cashmerino, soft and cozy, and it buttons with one large button under the chin. It's the first thing I've made without a pattern, so it's somewhat awkwardly done. I also made a dark blue one a bit larger, for later in the winter. Next time I'd do it without the silly bobbles, and just embroider a simple design on the corner of the folded-back brim. I might frog the dark blue one and do just that. Because I like to knit but don't like to buy yarn.


Erin said...

Hi Liana. I just linked to your site from Step Into my Thimble. This little hat is so cute. I have a 19 month old and have only knitted a few things for him--I'm such a slow knitter and he's such a fast little grower that we don't keep up with each other : )

Anyway, I really like your site and am glad to have found it. I grew up in Georgia (Marietta area) and miss it so, SO much.

Courtney said...

Cute! And you did that without a pattern?! Wow. You should write the pattern up.

Deborah said...

Silly me, I didn't scroll down to see your darling with the hat on. It is fabulous!