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Monday, September 25, 2006

New Project

Our anniversary is coming up, and I was inspired to start a huge new knitting project (huge for a person who can't even be bothered to put fingers on gloves), which may be finished in time to give to Mr. Chalmers for next year's anniversary. I can't say much about it here, except that it's my first time trying to do Aran knitting, it's in Wool-Ease worsted so I didn't break the bank (thank god for acrylic!), and it's going to look like a crazy person knit it because I can't fix the mistakes I'm making—it's hard enough to knit a right twist with purl or a left twist, I certainly can't be expected to know how to unknit them.


Courtney said...

Gorgeous! Lucky fella. We're knitting at the Press at noon on Thursday, and Jo should be here, and she's a genius at solving such problems as unknitting twisted whatevers-you-were-talking-about and loves to help. So if you get stuck, and want to undo, come join us!

Karen B said...

Thanks sooo much for sharing the pics and recipes and comments of your life ... it's a great tonic and stimulant at the same time. Happy 1/2 birthday to the bug.... cute she is!