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Monday, March 19, 2007


The bug had her first haircut on March 9. We sat her in a chair outside while some meat was smoking and cut her some bangs. It was hard to get them straight, but I think it looks cute a little uneven. And I think she can see better now. She'll be one year old on Wednesday, March 21, the first day of spring.

She loves the walker wagon her grandma in New York gave her for Christmas. She's not walking unassisted yet, but she's close!

The bug signed "train" for the first time a few days ago when she heard one going by, and she does it pretty much every time we hear a train now. And I swear she said, out loud, "dog" the same day when she spotted the neighbor's dog roaming around nearby.

Even though they came up early and I was worried they'd freeze off, the Narcissus "Thalia" I planted in the front yard are blooming. They have a mild nutty fragrance. I cut some and put them on the fireplace mantel in the bug's room.

There are lots more blooming since I took this picture a week ago.

And finally, finally, believe it or not, yesterday we got our dining room table and bench! They were made, very slowly, by Jimmy Poss in Carlton. I think he did a nice job and it was worth the wait. He'll have to come back in a few weeks to attach the table top after it's had time to warp and shrink or expand or whatever wood does. It's a bit wider than I'd expected, but we have a large room to fill up, so what the hell.

In context, from the kitchen door.

In this picture you can just barely see the three holes in the top, which are where the ceiling beams were attached to the wall boards with large bolts. The skirt pieces are made of floorboards supposedly from the Crawford Long family house in Banks County.


Heidi said...

Happy birthday to miss Thalia! Maeve has that same striped shirt.

Are you making a special cake?

Anonymous said...

The Bug looks darling ... so much growth in just a few months. No longer an infant...a cute litle girl. Signing? Interesting. Table is fabulous and you'll love it's size. Maybe get a large lazy susan. The bread (which we haven't tried yet) look fabulous. Alas I gave away my cast iron dutch oven. Karen & Jim