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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


The woods behind our house are full of wisteria, tangled in the giant privet bushes and climbing all the way up to the tops of the trees. It smells wonderful, especially in the evening. We weren't living here last year at this time, so we didn't know there would be so much wisteria (the vines themselves get sort of lost in the underbrush after the blossoms are gone). Wild, crazy wisteria like this isn't at all uncommon around here, but it's a special treat for me because it reminds me of my folks' old house in Virginia, where the wisteria completely covered the front porch and the arbor over the back deck in spring.

The bug and I saw Mr. Chalmers off this morning—he'll be gone until Sunday, so us girls are going to occupy ourselves doing girl stuff like maybe going to the Georgia Museum of Art and planting the herbs I started from seed a month or so ago. Sorry about the lack of knitting and cooking content. I haven't made anything that great lately, or at least haven't been up to taking pictures and whatnot. I am reading a novel (!) that I'm very much enjoying, if only because it's fiction and I'm actually managing to read it: Then We Came to the End, by Joshua Ferris, which is basically about office life, something I sometimes, occasionally, rarely miss.

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