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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Our Polling Place 2

The Chalmerses voted a bit later in the morning than last year, all of us having had a difficult sleep last night for various reasons. The bug skipped ahead of us (until we got to the highway and the railroad tracks), and the Mr. and I walked with our arms around each other. Our best neighbors and friends June and Cecilia were there, having just voted themselves; we chatted awhile, and the atmosphere was cheerful and expectant. It was a beautiful morning, bright and clear and breezy.

Later, at the Southern States in Lexington, the mood among the middle-aged white men I overheard talking politics was not so cheerful. Though I hate to admit finding pleasure in the bitterness I hear in a feed store in rural Georgia, I think this is a sign of good things to come tonight.

As I did last year, I submitted my picture to the Polling Place Photo Project, even though the building itself is just a tiny dot here, at the vanishing point. As they ask in the questionnaire, if there's anything that would have made my voting experience better it would be knowing that all my neighbors, even those much less fortunate than I am, were able to register and to vote as easily as I was.

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clare said...

liana! i have been so running around that i just now caught up on yoru blog! and was glad to have the details of your surgery...i know what you mean about "right pain" and wrong pain...i felt that way about giving too hurt like hell, you know, but it felt "right" so i could do it...but if someone sawed off my arm, i think i'd go crazy quite immediately out of experiencing a "wrong" sort of pain. anywho...sooo good tosee you and your mom an dthalia last week..the goodies you left were delicious...thank you so much!