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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Número Dos

This is the second Barcelona skirt I made, again the layered version.

I made some modifications: I didn't line it (the dark print was opaque enough, and I wanted a cooler summer skirt), and instead added a narrow waistband in a silk I got for some other purpose a long time ago (blouse?) interfaced with medium-weight woven interfacing on the outside half.

I wore it around a bit and then made another modification. One thing I absolutely hate is when the inside of the zipper jams into the small of my back; the zipper on this skirt was particularly offensive in that regard, so I cut a strip of fabric along the selvedge, folded it once, and stitched it down to the seam allowance and zipper tape on one side of the back seam so that it overlaps the opposite seam allowance by about 1/8 inch. I also stitched up the opposite side at the bottom about an inch, then sewed the unfolded edges of the strip down to the actual skirt back using a blind hem stitch, just to help it lay as flat as possible. Not pretty on the inside, but it does the job and is undetectable on the outside. (I tried taking some pictures of the closed zipper from the outside, but lost patience with the whole camera-behind-the-back thing.)

The main fabric is Cho-Cho no Sanpomichi by Kumiko Sudo for In the Beginning—my new favorite fabric series (not that I've ever had a favorite series before). Incidentally, the print I used for the owl in this post is also from that group of fabrics, not Moda as I miswrote the other day.

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