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Saturday, April 12, 2008

"Owl. Hoo-Hoo. Owl. Hoo-Hoo . . ."

The above is what the bug calls those nocturnal birds. Rarely just "owl." A couple weeks ago, a friend's mom happened to find a string of pretty, sturdy old buttons in our crawlspace, tucked into the insulation. I cleaned them up and made owls.

The print and the woven striped fabrics are both Moda quilting cottons I had leftover from our Christmas stockings, which I made back in December (the woman at the fabric store was scandalized when I told her what I was planning to use them for). For the owls, I followed these instructions at Moonstitches as closely as I could, sort of eyeballing the shapes. They each took about half an hour, and considering that they'll bring good luck to all of us I think it was time well spent.

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