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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tonight at Gosford Wine

Just a quick reminder that tonight at 6:30 is the wine and preserve tasting at Gosford Wine on Baxter Street here in Athens. (With any luck there will be books to be had as well.) Hope to see you there!


Mindy said...

Liana, last night was wonderful--the food, the folk, and most definitely your lovely book. I read the introduction this morning (I'm someone who just likes to read cookbooks, though I do think you've emboldened me to actually try canning), and I particularly loved what you said about the way some yummy preserved foodstuff can bring you back to the moment in which it was created. In that same way, your book will take me back to the experience of being in your company, eating and talking about good food. That's a very happy thing. Congrats again!

Liana Krissoff said...

Thank you so much, Mindy. Derek and Thalia and I all had a great time, and it would not have been complete without you guys there.

Hey, let's have a canning day! I'm fresh out of salsa verde . . .