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Sunday, June 25, 2006


I certainly don't know thing one about interior decorating, but I kind of like how this bright-orange couch ('50s maybe?) looks in our pink living room. The colors are off in this picture, but the orange itself is pretty close. It'll look better with full bookshelves, I think (and no, I have not gotten around to fixing the shelves), and maybe with a round or swoosh-shaped coffeetable or footstool?

This is a couch that's crying out for throw pillows. Any thoughts on colors
or styles or knitting patterns to try?

The armchair that will go near it is a sort of celery color, the walls are peachy-pink, the mantle is very dark wood, and the front door has bright blue, green, and yellow stained-glass inserts.

And after living without dresser drawers for all of my adult life, I broke down and bought these at Agora downtown:

Today after a morning spent cleaning up the rental house in Athens top to bottom, we spit-roasted a pork picnic for about 3 hours, like the chicken but with just salt and pepper. It could've gone longer, but tomorrow for supper I'll do something nice with it. I made a very, um, insistent barbecue sauce to go with it (just a little spoonful on a plateful of chopped meat).

Barbecue sauce
: About 4 parts tarragon vinegar to 1 part ketchup, plus some granulated garlic, black pepper, cayenne, and a dash of Worchestershire sauce. Then add the juices from the resting pork.


The Barefoot Baker said...

Ever think of renaming this blog "pie and beer and meat"...?

Karen B said...

Liana .. Jim brought back a small couch pillow from Ghana that has, among other things, orange in it. It will be in the mail shortly. I suggest you don't have a style or color ... just what ever strikes your fancy. If you like it .. it works!

I Love the look of the couch and what I can see of your new home

Courtney said...

Love love love the couch. I'm jealous. Where did you find it? Does it come in purple?

Liana said...

The couch came from a shop in Comer called Funky Junction—despite its retarded name ("Functional junk!" says the owner), the store has some neat stuff.

Alison said...

Liana! I was SO CLOSE to buying those drawers from Agora! They are fantastic! I have bought so much from Agora -- they're sometimes overpriced, but always awesome (they alwasy make me a sweet deal too, despite the sign on the cash register). That couch is fan-freakin'-tastic as well.