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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


On Antiques Roadshow last night a woman in K.C. had a bowl that reminded me of what our backyard looked like the other night after the rain. It was a Fairyland Lustre Wedgewood a little like this one, with a nighttime scene on the outside and daytime on the inside. Everything glistening and misty.

I finished the bulk of the paint job on the bug's room yesterday. What I want to do now is paint the mantel and doors. Maybe by tomorrow I'll have some after pictures to go with the before I took. The walls are "spiced butternut" yellow—bright and rich—with the existing white trim; looks great with the simple yellow-gingham curtains. The mantel is dark green (which actually looks kind of nice), and the doors are light green. I would like to paint them a rich Turkish or Mediterranean blue, sort of the color of The Goodnight Book, a sweet and only vaguely religious children's story and song collection our friends the Browns, of Marietta, gave us. I also have to either buy or borrow a stepladder so I can hang the bug's mobile from the ridiculously high ceiling.


Karen B said...

That bowl is fabulous looking. I imagine you were shocked and thrilled at what the other bowl was quoted as being worth.

Courtney said...

The colors sound beautiful! I have a painter's ladder, but it's only about six feet tall if you stand on the top, and you're not supposed to stand on the top. Still, you're welcome to borrow it--it's out in my unlocked shed--help yourself. You can use it to pick giant turkey figs while you're here--they're so high they're rotting in the tree. Shameful.