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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fairy World

The other evening—Thursday maybe—it poured with rain. Our first storm in the new house. There's only one leak in the ceiling as far as I could tell, in the kitchen where it looks like there used to be a wood or coal cooking stove. Not too bad. The roof repair guy is coming again this week anyway, so I'll have him check that area out as well as the other chimneys. The bug and I sat out on the front porch to watch the storm, and we could hear the pecan tree that's too close to the house groaning up against the eaves of the porch in the wind.

After the main part of the storm was over, it was cool and drizzly. When we went to bed it was still a little light outside and we had all the windows open to let in the cool breeze. From my pillow I could see the huge trees in the backyard silhouetted against the stormy sky, and the stone walls covered with vines, and beyond them, in the pasture where the dogs play, hundreds of fireflies. It was like a fairy world at midsummer.

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Courtney said...

The rain and lightning bugs are what I missed most about Georgia when I was away. I bet the treefrog chorus out there is delightfully deafening.