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Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Bug

You might want to skip this post if you're not a grandparent of the Bug. She was being especially cute the other day, so I took some pictures. The lighting is weird, but you take what you can get.

As usual, she's wearing the bib that Courtney knitted for her. Also the dress that
Jennifer, another colleague of the Super's at the press, gave her.


Courtney said...

Those are the cutest expressions! Hee! I'm glad the bib works. It was the first I ever made, and I invented the pattern as I went along, as I'm sure you can tell. Who would put holes in a bib? Somebody who isn't accustomed to feeding babies, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

She sure looks like grsndpa to me!! We are so happy for you. Georgia living sounds interesting.
Your Kansas Uncle

Tracy Vallier said...

Hi Liana from your "uncle" Tracy. The "bug" is one cute little girl. I can see a family resemblance, that's for sure. Chatted with your dad today, and then he sent me your blog site. Looks like you are living on a small farm? When do you get the chickens? And, the piecrust recipe made my mouth water.



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